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Project #3 Technology Evaluation

Select one of the security technologies you identified in either P1 or P2. Research and evaluate its capabilities, costs, maintenance requirements, flexibility, and feasibility for implementation. The analysis should include pros and cons, potential barriers to success, vulnerabilities eliminated or reduced, convergence issues, first adopters (if the technology is new), and any other issues you deem important to consider. Use the technical evaluation methodology information obtained and discussed in previous courses such as CSIA 303 or 459.


The deliverable for this assignment will be a minimum 5 page, double-spaced paper using Times New Roman 12 font and APA style formatting for citations and references. It will also include a minimum of 5 references. The Title/Cover page, illustrations (tables/charts/graphs), or references are not part of the page count but are required for the assignment. The grading rubric provides additional details as to what should be included in the paper. Your instructor may provide an APA style template to use for this paper.

Grading Rubric:

Introduction  5 points

Clearly describes and introduces the paper. Provides clear background information and facts to support the paper.

Conclusion  5 points

Clearly summarizes the main points from the paper. These include the capabilities, costs, maintenance requirements, flexibility and feasibility for implementation.

Capabilities  12 points

Clearly explains the capabilities of the technology.

Costs  12 points

Clearly explains the costs involved with the technology.

Maintenance Requirements  12 points

Clearly explains the maintenance requirements of the new technology.

Flexibility  12 points

Clearly explains the flexibility of the technology.

Feasibility of Implementation12 points

Clearly explains the feasibility of implementing the technology.

Issues  10 points

Clearly explains the pros and cons, barriers, issues, vulnerabilities, first adopters (if technology is new), etc. Must cover at least 5 areas.

Use of Authoritative Sources5 points

Used at least 5 authoritative or scholarly sources in paper. One must be NIST SP 800-53. No APA style errors in sources.

Citation of Sources  5 points

All sources cited. No errors in citing material in paper.

Formatting  5 points

Prepared MS Word document, used consistent formatting, section subheadings, submitted one file, used instructor provided template, correct coversheet and separate reference page and meets minimum page count.

Grammar and Punctuation  5 points

No grammar, use of first/second person, spelling or punctuation errors.

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