Technical errors

During the 2002 Olympics, by a 5-4 judges’ decision, a Russian pairs figure-skating team won the gold medal despite making a few technical errors, while the silver medalist Canadian team skated flawlessly. Shortly thereafter, the French competition judge claimed that the French skating federation president had pressured her to vote for the Russians. Based on a recommendation from the ISU, the IOC’s executive board voted to also award gold medals to the Canadian team. Because there was no evidence of any Russian involvement in the matter, the Russian team members were permitted to keep their gold medals. (Note: Although the French judge later recanted her accusation, the ISU suspended her and the French federation president for three years plus the 2006 Olympics. This scandal also led the ISU to change its methods of judging skaters’ performances.) If the IOC had allowed the initial competition results to stand, should the Canadian team have prevailed in an appeal to the CAS?

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