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Textbook: Insel, P. & Roth, W. (2015). Connect core concepts in health (14th Ed.). New York,

                             NY: McGraw-Hill Education



Purpose and Objective

The purpose of this assignment is to get serious about your health and begin making a lasting behavior change that will benefit your health. Over the time span of 12 weeks, you will complete 36-60 typed (or another media with permission) journal entries to document your behavior change on one target behavior. This translates to writing three to five journal entries per week.  

Each journal entry should be at least 300-500 words. In addition to describing aspects of your journey, you must answer questions posed on this folder with a minimum of two sentences each. All questions that must be answered will be found in the journals for this assignment.

The assignment is broken into parts to aid your behavior change process. Each part must be turned in by the date specified by the syllabus and via the corresponding â€œPart” drop box on Blackboard.

If you submit the part on time, you will receive credit for that part and feedback. The amount of credit you will receive will be determined by the part’s rubric. Your score will be counted in the 30% category of your grade.

Mandatory and Minimum Amount of Resources

When you submit your final Target Behavior Assignment, you should have at minimum:

  • (2) Books from reputable sources (i.e. textbooks based on research, etc.)
  • (1) Peer-Reviewed Journal articles

Submission and Due Date Requirement

  • All components of this assignment must be submitted via the journals in this folder on the specified due dates.
  • Students, however, can revise their responses if needed once submitted up until the year-end project due date. This may result in less credit due to not submitting the recommended amount of journals per week. 

Format Requirements

The final submission for the Target Behavior Assignment should adhere to the following:

  • APA Style format elements 

    • Typed, Double-Spaced on 8.5” x 11” paper with 1” margins on all sides

    • Times New Roman 12 point font

    • Title, Main Body and Reference Pages
  • APA Style Citations

In this part of the assignment you will complete one or more journals (300-500 words each) discussing your:

  • Self-assessment your health habits
  • Reflection on behavior/health habits and talk with others (e.g. family, friends, etc.) to determine what they have noticed about your lifestyle and health.
  • Completion of the “Wellness: Evaluate Your Lifestyle” quiz on page 16 of your textbook (14th Ed.) 
    • The full results must be placed in Appendix I of your Journals.
  • Results of your self-assessment, discussion with others, and the results of the “Wellness: Evaluate Your Lifestyle” quiz  (i.e. specific examples of your discussions, your reactions to what you gained from others, etc.)
  •  Answers to the following questions:
    • What unrealistically optimistic attitudes or ideas do you find yourself holding on to (e.g., “Iam young and healthy. If I continue to smoke, my health will not deteriorate until later in life”)?
    • From your observations and the observations of others, what is one behavior  you believe you will be successful at changing?
      • There must be one target behavior assignment that you will be committed to during this semester and beyond
    • What are the patterns associated with  the tentative target behavior?:
      • When do you engage in the target behavior and what circumstances surround it (e.g., if it is a weight management goal, what do you eat, how much do you eat, when are you likely to overeat, what are triggers to the behavior—stress, etc.)
      • What was the behavior?
      • When and where did the behavior occur?
      • What were you doing when you exhibited the behavior?
      • How did you feel before and after you exhibited the behavior?
    •  What have you discovered by looking for patterns among your target behavior
      • “Note the connections between your feelings and external cues  such as time of day, location, situation, and the actions of others around you” (Insel & Roth,2012; p.24).

In this part of the assignment you will continue to learn about  the risks and benefits of change (short and long-term).

In three to five (300-500 word) journals, with the mandatory resources of (2) Books from reputable sources (i.e. textbooks, etc) and (1) peer-reviewed journal, answer:

  •  What is the cause of your target behavior, risk factors and symptoms?
  • How does your target behavior typically impacts males or females similar to you?
    • If there is no difference, state it and support it with research.
  • How your target behavior impact your ethnic group or affiliated population (e.g.,age group, etc.)?
    • Be sure to include statistics
  • What diseases or health risks does your target behavior place you at increased risk for?
  • What are (3) research based and successful strategies for management of your target behavior?
    • Specify if these strategies would work for you.
  • Identify (2) community resources that may helpful to you (e.g., a group likeJenny Craig if it is weight management, your colleagues who have a similar behavior change goals, a trainer, physician, etc.)


  • You may use a web based resource such as a book or journal. However, if you choose to use a website, it will be counted in addition to the three required resources and you should evaluate its credibility of information.
  • Please refer to Module A. for responsible evaluation of resources and APA citation guidelines. 
  • Include a Reference Page after these journals

After research answer the following questions:

  • How do you believe your target behavior is affecting your level of wellness today (e.g., if it is financial target behavior, does it make you feel less financially free, if it is a weight management goal, do you have less energy, etc.)?
  • What effect would changing your behavior have on your health?
  • What are the pros and cons in the short and long-term benefits of changing or not changing your behavior (i.e. monetary, social, emotional, etc)?
    • List and discuss them
  • Do the benefits of changing your identified target behavior outweigh the cost? (If it does not, then you may desire to choose another target behavior.)
  • How will the change benefit your personal identify and values (i.e. increased self-esteem, etc.)?


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