students are to post a recent news article video from a reputable news Source business and finance homework help

This is a MBA all references need to be scholarly and original work.

1- Students are to post a recent news article/video from a reputable news source related to the topic of international business focused on the country of INDIA along with the relevancy to the course and key learning points from the article.

2- What are 3 or 4 key learning points from this week’s readings? Why were these important ideas or concepts and how do they relate to international business in today’s environment?

3- Discuss the “Indiana versus India” anecdote, recounted in the second section of Chapter Four. Which approach benefits Americans more: offshoring state projects and cutting taxpayer expenditures, or paying higher wages to maintain job security at home?


Friedman, Chapter 4 & 5

Thomas & Inkson, Chapter 3

“How Global Brands Compete” by Douglas Holt, John Quelch,and Earl Taylor

“Strategies That Fit Emerging Markets” by Tarun Khanna, Krishna Palepu, and Jayant Shinha

“Fundamentals of Global Strategy 2: The Globalization of Companies and Industries” by Cornelis DeKluyer

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