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Electronic Arts (EA) Paper

In this week’s discussion, you will research the mission and vision statements of different organizations. For this assignment, you are to consider a company’s mission and consider ways its commitment can be applied and implemented. Please complete the following:

  • Read Case #3: Game Not Over, Not Yet, from Chapter 2 (page 50 in your eTextbook).
  • Submit a one-to-two page paper that addresses the five questions below to the Dropbox:
    • Describe EA’s competitive advantage from each of the three perspectives on competitive advantage.
    • Does EA exhibit the critical success factors for the new business context? Explain
    • Describe the types of resources EA appears to have. Do you think any of these resources might be unique? Explain.
    • What ethical and social responsibility issues might EA face as it develops new games? What would be the best approach for dealing with those issues?
    • What stakeholders might EA have to be concerned with? Explain how might those stakeholders affect EA’s strategic decisions and actions.

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