shorten proofread and add your input to This Career Plan essay writing homework help

I’ve written about 761 words where the maximum limit for the essay is for about 350 words. I need someone to shorten, proofread, and also fix my career plan essay. There are, of course, instructions and criterias. Can someone please help? I’ve found a really hard time doing this.

This is the link to my essay:

These are the instructions:

1.  Evaluate yourself. Identify your interests, values, personal needs and goals. you.

2.  Develop career objectives.

3.  Match yourself with a goal career.

4.  Write down the actions you can take to reach your goals.

5.  Analyze the career you’ve chosen.

These are the criterias:

·  Content

Task Response

Fully addresses the task.

Ideas are relevant,fully developed and wellsupported.

·  Organisation

Coherence & Cohesion

  Information and ideas are cohesive and sequenced logically.

Paragraphing is managed skillfully.

Excellent introduction and conclusion.

·  Vocabulary

Lexical Resource

Uses a wide range of vocabulary fluently and flexibly to convey precise meanings.

Errors are rare and minor.

·  Grammar

Grammatical Accuracy

Uses a wide range of sentence structures with full flexibility and accuracy.

Most sentences are error-free; rare minor errors occur only as slips.

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