Senior Capstone business and finance assignment help

Write a 2-3-page paper on the strengths needed in the position you seek. As you assess your strengths, skills, and values, it is time to identify a career field/industry that you are interested in exploring. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you make better decisions.

  • Introduce the position you seek and state four strengths needed for success in the role.
  • Of these,what two strengths do you have? What are two strengths you need to develop? What have you been told you are good at?
  • Conclusion/summary. Include the importance of determining one’s strengths and areas needing improvement.

Save your document with a file name that includes your name, course code, section number, and title.

  • (For example: JaneSmith MAN2501-12 Week 2.docx)

For citation guidelines, please refer to the APA Section on the Tools & Resources page under Course Home.

If you are not using Microsoft Word, save your document with the .rtf file extension (Rich Text Format).

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