Scenario Iran Has Threatened The Vital Straits Of Hormuz Which Would Restrict Th


Iran has threatened the vital Straits of Hormuz, which would restrict the flow of oil and other shipments through the Persian Gulf. Tensions have risen in recent days with confrontations between US flagged ships and Iranian naval vessels. The Soviet Union has taken notice and has started shipping men and equipment to the region. The United Nations is considering taking action as well in terms of additional sanctions against Iran and also admonishment to the Soviet Union for potentially escalating the situation. In Asia, continued border confrontations between North and South Korean soldiers have escalated the threat of military force from both sides to an all-time high not seen since the end of the Korean War.


The White House Chief of Staff has asked your recommendations to the president. The analysis should include perspectives from political philosophers and military strategists as well as any concerns the president should be aware of in terms of his authority as chief executive and his role in our form of government.

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