rubric assignment

This rubric assignment includes:

  1. A complete definition of the target and accessible population from which the sample would be This definition should thoroughly describe the size of this population and relevant characteristics (e.g., age, ability, socioeconomic status, etc.). This is based on your PROPOSED study.
  2. A description of how you will determine the sample size. Include a summary statement that indicates the sample size that will be selected and justification for this Be sure to identify your anticipated response rate and cite your sources!
  3. An explanation of the sampling techniques by which you would select the sample and form it into groups (if appropriate). This technique should be described in detail, including justification of the technique For example, if using “stratified sampling”, do not just say that stratified sampling will be used; indicate on what basis (i.e. characteristic) the population will be stratified and how group members (and how many) will be selected. Please also identify any possible sources of sampling bias.

I will give you further information after selection.

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