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I need 2 or 3 paragraphs on the below topic AND replies to the 2 below peer posts:

All living things need various minerals and nutrients to survive, such as salt, magnesium, oxygen, iron, and water. Humans also use them for nonbiological purposes. Choose one mineral, mineraloid, or rock and explain how humans put it to use in their everyday lives and/or how it has been useful in the past.

Peer Post 1:

Due to a recent trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, I choose to research Sulfur. If you have not been to a Glenwood Springs, or any hot springs, the rotten egg smell that sulfur is known for hits you, and you just know you are close. I have always known that the hot springs were good for your skin, but researching about sulfur showed me how good.

Sulfur is used in matches, explosives, fertilizer, cement, along with many other things (Uses of Sulfur, 2016).  It also helps acne, dandruff, warts, and rosacea (Uses of Sulfur, 2016). This article states: “Sulfur is effective because of its keratolytic, antibacterial and antifungal properties.”

Uses of Sulfur. (2016). Retrieved from:

Peer Post 2:

I have selected Talc which is commonly also referred to as soapstone (technically different). This mineral has been used as far back as Babylonian times (, 2010). There are many uses for this material. Common uses other then cosmetics are in agricultural whether in feeds, fertilizers or pesticides (as a delivery agent). Used in plastics as an insulator, UV protectant, and chemical resistant additive. It also has other uses in roofing shingles and ceramics (American Talc Company, n.d.). The most interesting use was in paper, being that this material is so soft only registering a 1 on the Moh’s scale (, 2010). 

Talc is known to develop in a metamorphic environment, meaning that it is produced through change. This change involved another sedimentary rock, which, the rock is Dolomite (, 2010). In our lab I found Talc to be very smooth and brittle, it would chip with my fingernail. I also found it very interesting the amount of uses Talc has in products we use or know of every day. It’s almost as taken for granted the amount of hard work Talc and other mineral, mineraliod, and rocks do for us every day.

American Talc Company. (n.d.). American talc company. Retrieved from (2010). Talc and pyrophyllite. Retrieved from

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