Robot Surgeon computer science assignment help

Presentation only from the article. No written outline is required


– Key Points

– Key Terms & Definitions

II.Issues (note that you may not have entries for all of these items)

•Why is this an emerging technology issue?

•Who are the key players in the area discussed in the article?

•What are the likely impacts, challenges, and opportunities arising from the topic of the article?

•Challenge – what are the challenges to the business or to existing technologies? What will make it harder for them to be successful?

•Impact – What are the impacts – positive and negative – on the business or on the technologies?

•Opportunity – What is the new opportunity created by the content noted in the article?

•Why did this topic come up? What was the genesis of the new technology or change? (e.g., new basic science, like in continued disk drive capacity improvements, or a confluence of new technologies and market demands, like electric cars, or new technologies seeking to create demand, like e-books)


Your own observations about the article – do you agree with the author’s conclusions? Do you have another perspective to add to it, based on your own experience or other reading?

Upload the article. 

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