ritz carlton case study 1

Case #5: Ritz Carlton

– What is Ritz-Carlton’s business strategy? Who are their primary customers?

– Among customers, what accounts for Ritz-Carlton’s reputation as a high—quality hotel? How is

quality defined by customers?

– How is quality defined within Ritz-Carlton? Does the DQPR data in the ritz.xls spreadsheet

indicate any significant quality problems?

– If you were to select a category of defect to address from the DQPR data, which category would

you address first? Why?

– For the defect category you selected, consider the process that generates the defects. Generate

hypotheses about the possible root causes of the defect and potential solutions.

**** All case write ups shall be written using Ariel font, double-spaced,

11 pt. font, normal margins. Individual write-ups shall be a maximum of 3 pages, not including any charts, graphs, etc.

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