Richard Mueller Nuclear Waste summarization help

Summarize and respond to the following essay in They Say/ I Say:

Richard Mueller, “Nuclear Waste”

after an engaging introduction, you’ll summarize the writer’s argument consider some of the following questions: What other argument(s) is the writer responding to? Is the writer disagreeing or agreeing with something, and if so, what? What is motivating the writer’s argument? Be sure to use quotations where helpful BUT not as a substitute for ideas you could summarize. take few paras for this..

Then locate yourself in the conversation among the texts: How do you respond to the author’s ideas, maybe just a small point he or she makes? Do you agree with a difference? Disagree? Agree and Disagree? What other ideas have you encountered might be pertinent? Use quotations where useful, you can use pronouns if you wish.. take a few paras for this also..

In your conclusion, tell why does it matter? why is this conversation worth having? who does it affect? what implications will it have in the future?

> work should be at least 4 pages long..

this is the link where you can read about They Say/ I Say and in the Reading section you can find “Nuclear Waste”

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