Rhetorical Genre Analysis memo discussion writing homework help

For this week’s discussion, let’s continue to work toward the Rhetorical/Genre Analysis Memo assignment by collecting examples (artifacts) of the genre you’ve selected that is important to your profession and doing some initial analysis (you’ll do more thorough analysis in the Genre Analysis assignment this week).

Conducting web searches, visiting the library, and/or exploring your professional spaces, please collect 3-5 artifacts of the genre for which you’ve chosen (please do not take any examples for which you do not have permission to take). If you’ve chosen to analyze the genre of business plans, for example, you’ll want to collect 3-5 business plans.

Use this week’s discussion, then, to discuss what you’re finding. Post PDFs, links, screenshots, and/or pictures of the artifacts you’ve located. What are you noticing across the artifacts you’ve collected? In what ways are these genres/artifacts important to your profession? What questions do you have that your classmates might be able to help you with?

I had finish the  the Rhetorical/Genre Analysis Memo assignment. I will attach it.  And I choose the  art collections. You just summary.

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