Response to Crawford s The World Beyond Your Head writing homework help

Please read the attached PDF file, and complete answering these questions.

Total 4 answers MUST have at least 250 words.

1.  Ever played or witnessed someone else playing “Leap Frog Learning Table”?  How does playing children’s electronic games “resemble” and at the same time “differ from the unity of machine and rider that are explored in motorcycling” (90).  Your thoughts on these electronic games?

2.  How would you translate that indented, ‘pull-quote’ definition of autism in the middle of page 92? 

3.  In what different sense(s) is slot-machine gambling a “sure thing” for casinos and customers; or to put it differently, what’s comforting for players, according to Crawford?

4.  Comment on the “autistic zone” experienced by players of electronic slots as described on pages 93-95.

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