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Research sources exist all around nurses when they are in healthcare facilities.  Hospital units, long term care facilities, and even physicians offices.  Any place where nurses work provides an opportunity for nursing research.  I work on a inpatient, acute care unit so for me that would be my primary source for nursing research.  My unit provides me with any number of possible research opportunities due to the fact that we are always trying to improve healthcare and the patient experience.  A potential research study which I have often thought about, while working on my unit, has to do with call lights.  Very rarely do we have patient on our unit who need a significant amount of help to do anything for themselves (eat, drink, go to the bathroom, order food) so we are spending all of our time in patient rooms.  When we go into a patient room and are in there for a long time we cannot get out to other patient call lights.  I have often wondered if we divided the hall up differently, with regards to the CNA/PCT assignments, so that we ended up with 3 CNAs/PCTs having assigned units and one “rover.”  The rover would have no specific assigned set of patient and instead be responsible for answering call lights all over the unit.  Our responsiveness scores have been some of the lowest at my facility and we are looking for a way to improve the call light response time.  We have instituted a number of rounding protocols, but I have wondered if this would be an additional option to help improve the call light response time. 

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