research Sheriff Joe Arpaio s tent city jail discussion law homework help


For this discussion, research Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tent city jail in Maricopa County, Arizona. Start by reviewing the Jail Information page in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Web site.

Research and locate at least one article in support of how Sheriff Arpaio runs his jail and at least one in opposition. (Keep this discussion confined to the operations of the jail and not his drug interdiction techniques and other enforcement efforts of his deputies outside of jail operations.)  Follow the instructions listed below.

  • Develop the arguments for and against Sheriff Arpaio’s tent city jail.
  • Identify at least one violation of inmate rights that Sheriff Arpaio was sued for and the plaintiff won the suit.
  • List at least one violation of inmate rights Sheriff Arpaio has been sued for and the plaintiff lost the suit.
  • Outline why Sheriff Arpaio continues to win elections in spite of all the controversy.
  • Explain how political climate may have impacted decision making and possible reelection.
Use 2 scholarly sources for references in APA format and 1 page of material is required.

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