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You just graduated with a master’s degree in Environmental Science and landed your first job. Your new boss has asked to write a preliminary plan for sustainable development. You’ve heard in school that Unilever, a European multinational, had one of the most successful sustainable development plans in the consumer products industry. You decided to investigate the company’s program and adapt it to your company and targeted country. Prepare a report for your boss containing the following three key elements of Unilever’s program: (1) Improving health and well-being, (2) Reducing environmental impact, and (3) Enhancing livelihoods. Include in your report a sketch of a magazine ad communicating your company’s sustainable development values to the targeted market. Your sketch should include the following elements: copy, image, sponsor and appropriate layout. Explain the goal of your ad and the media it uses to reach your target market.

Do the following:

  • Select a medium-sized company and a product-item of your choice that has international interests
  • Select a country where you want to introduce the program
  • Synthesize the information from Unilever’s program
  • Prepare an outline reflecting Unilever’s key elements and topics/subtopics relevant to your company.
  • Create your report. (Include sketch of magazine ad)

Support your report with at least three (3) external resources In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 5 pages

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