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Reply 1Re: Topic 8 DQ 1TOPIC 8 DQ 1Based on how you will evaluate your EBP project, which independent and dependent variables do you need to collect? Why?In research, a variable is essentially a person, place, object, or phenomena that you are attempting to quantify in some manner. The easiest approach to grasp the distinction between a dependent and independent variable is to look at what the words mean when it comes to the variable you’re working with. The researcher manipulates or adjusts the independent variable, which is supposed to have a direct influence on the dependent variable. In an experiment, the dependent variable is the variable that is being tested and measured, and it is ‘depending’ on the independent variable. According to National Library of Medicine (n.d) there are two sorts of variables in analytical health research. We anticipate independent factors to impact dependent variables. What happens as a result of the independent variable is called a dependent variable.For my evidence based project on patient safety. I consider self-harm and suicide attempt incidences as dependent variables and patients with suicidal ideation and self-harm urge as independent variables. Because based on patients suicidal ideation thoughts and self-harm urges, self-harm and suicide attempt incidences will change. It is essential to collect both variables to understand how we can improve and modify patient safety protocols and norms to provide better patient care outcomes and enhance quality patient care.ReferenceNational Library of Medicine (n.d), Dependent and Independent Variables. Retrieved from 2h 3 postsRe: Topic 8 DQ 1Dependent and independent variables are the two essential terms for understanding and designing research studies (Falnnelly et al., 2014). The presumed cause in a cause-effect relationship is called the independent variable, and the supposed effect is called the dependent variable (Polit et al., 2001; Vogt, 1993). The researcher is usually most interested in predicting is the dependent variable.The proposed Capstone change practice project is educating CLABSI bundles to prevent CLABSI in a medical-surgical unit. In the given context, the independent variables are several nursing practices involved in CLABSI prevention bundles, and the dependent variable is the CLABSI rates after those interventions. The CLABSI rates before the implementation of the change project have to get from the quality departments. Comparing it with the rate of CALBSI after the educational interventions will give a picture of the success.ReferencesFlannelly, L., Flannelly, K., & Jankowski, K. B. (2014). Independent, Dependent, and Other Variables in Healthcare and Chaplaincy Research.ÿJournal of Health Care Chaplaincy,ÿ20(4), 161?170. https

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