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Imago Dei is latin for ” Image of God” it is referrred to as the “unique imprint God placed on humanity.” (Religion facts, 2015). The term is used to describe people’s similarity with God. In the readings it focuses on four areas:

First being peoples similarity to God. It focuses on the physical simiarities we have with God, we were created in his image/likeness, we strive to live our lives as God and he wants us to be like him, love others, treat others well and teach others about him and his word, so that they may know him as their savior. 

The second area focuses on people as counterparts in the universe, we are relational partners with God. The focus is on us as humans and our relationship with him. Do we worship him, have religiuos affiliation and how do we relate to one another in conversation.

The third area focuses on Dominion, which focuses on the image and describes peoples dominion over the earth, since we are created beings.

The fourth area focuses on God as representation, we are his representatives on this earth, how we treat one another is reflective of our religion and beliefs in God.This area focuses on representation and proves his presence by giving to his people Imago Dei. 

Imago Deo is an important factor to healthcare because it proves he is real. As nurses we deal with life and death more than most professions, we may be the last person with a patient and may be invloved in their dying process. We must foster and respect their beliefs. For some patients that do not know the Lord, may ask us to pray with them in their final moments of life. We as christians want to teach non believers about him and be sure they are ready to meet him. Religion and faith allows us to help patients at often the worst times in their lives, when they need it the most, religion is able to cut through sterotypes at these times in our lives.

Religion whatever belief one has, is relevent. Each of us will one day leave this earthly world, we will need him and hopefully someone with us, to help us through the transition, it may be a nurse, a nurse that can pray with us and respect our wishes.

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