Religion Protestant psychology homework help

Each of the items on the attached questionnaire has two or more things wrong with it.  Point out AT LEAST two defects (feel free to point out more if you see them) for each questionnaire item.  Then, rewrite each item (question and answer categories) to correct the defects.  Do not use open-ended questions as a rewrite to fix questionnaire items. 

1. Religion Protestant

Catholic Lutheran

Jewish Baptist Other

  1. At what age were you toilet-trained? [] Before six months old

    [] Between six months old and nine months old
    [] Between nine months old and one year old
    [] Between one year old and one and a half years old [] Between one and a half years old and two years old [] Between two years old and three years old
    [] Older than three years old
    [] Not applicable

  2. How much money do you make? $_____

  3. Suppose you were in a bookstore and saw a book displayed on a counter near the door that you wanted very much but could not afford. Would you steal it?
    [] Yes
    [] No

  4. Are you a college student or graduate? If so, why did you decide to go to college? [] I had a thirst for more knowledge
    [] I wanted to get a better understanding of the world
    [] I was too lazy to get a job

  5. Do you agree or disagree that the trouble with welfare is that people get too comfortable and don’t want to go back to work, so the government should institute some job-training programs for people on welfare and then set a limited amount of time in which they can learn work skills and get a job?

    [] Agree
    [] Disagree

  6. Do you disagree or agree that the United States shouldn’t provide a national health care program?

    [] Agree
    [] Disagree

  7. Where do you get most or all of your information about current events in the nation and the world?

    [] Radio
    [] Newspapers [] Internet

  8. Why do you think big cars are a bad thing for America? 

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