Recruitment and Sourcing management homework help

1.  (5 points) Explain the concept of sourcing.  What makes one source more effective than others?

2.  (10 points) Social media has opened up many non-traditional avenues of sourcing.  Today approximately 89% of U.S. companies are using social networking to recruit.  Two of the newest recruitment sources are Twitter and Pinterest (See Week Three Video).  Explain how and when each should be used.

3.  (5 points) Your sister is a college senior.  What advice would you give her regarding her use of social media and its relationship to the business world?  Support your discussion.

4.  (15 points) Sourcing different types of applicant — There are many types of applicants that an employer might source for many different reasons.  

             a.  Generation Yers (the Millenials) who born from 1980-1995 are hitting the job market in full force (See Video). How would you attract these applicants?  What sources should you use?  Explain.

b.  Non-traditional workers are often overlooked.  Discuss two of these classes of non-traditional workers discussed in your textbook. What are some advantages of hiring each of these groups of workers?  Discuss which sources you would use to recruit each group.  Explain.

c.  Your firm wants to recruit people like you.  Develop a “plan” on how they could best identify you and where they could put a recruitment message where you are likely to see it and respond to it.

5.  Recruitment (15 points)

a.  Define the term “recruitment.”  A great way for an employer to differentiate itself in the competitive market for quality talent is to enhance its image, also known as its “employer brand.” Explain employer branding.  Why is it important to the recruitment effort?

b.  Based on the video, The Importance of Branding in Recruitment,” explain and give examples of each of the four elements of branding.

c.  Based on the video, Building Your Employer Brand: A Strategic Approach to Recruitment and Retention,”  How would you use the four steps in strategic employer branding explained in the video to develop and implement this brand image?

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