Question 10 A Reference To The Criterion Used To Select The Regression Line To M

Can you answer in the order of the question and explain why?

QUESTION 10 A reference to the criterion used to select the regression line, to minimize the squared distances between the estimated straight line and theobserved values is called A1 . /’ A’ Mean square error. C“, 5- Sum of Squares. C“ 0- Maximum likelihood. C“ 0′ Least Squares. QUESTION 11 Which of these statements is best? C“,- A- In any regression model, there is an implicit assumption that there is no preexisting relationship between the variables.C“,- B. In regression, there is random error that can be predicted.C“,- C- Estimates of the slope, intercept, and error of a regression model are found from sample data. m’ ‘3’ Error is the difference in the actual value and the predicted value.

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