Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6

This is due within 2 Hours.

Please provide answers in the chat box as you complete each part of each question, of per question.

If in case the score is below 80%,

next version of assignment will start,

which will consist of about the same questions,

plus or minus 1 or 2 parts.

ALREADY 37.22% IS ALREADY DONE, I NEED 80%. You have 42.78% Left Only! for this session.

Question to do:

Question 1: Part C, maybe D, E, and F

Question 2: Part D, E, and F

Question 3: Part C

Question 4: Part C and D

Question 5: Complete Part C, D, E, F and G

Question 6: Part B, C, D, E, F, G and H

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