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Created by Demaron Mcfarlane on Sep 13, 2016 7:15 PM

After completing the OCAI assessment for Purvis Company I have discovered that the current culture in his organization is one more so of a clan. I believe that this assessment is correct for a few particular reasons. When completing the survey, I had to take a really good look at the dynamics of Purvis organization and a few things really stood out to me. One of which being the relationship between Purvis and his employees. It would appear as though Purvis is the glue that really holds his company together because it states that he is the one who keeps things on an even keel between his employees. The scenario also explains that Purvis really cares for his employee’s welfare which insinuates that there is a certain level of trust between him and his employees.

 Currently Purvis organization is in an upward trajection and his plan is to keep it that way while he expands and open another location. He wants to ensure that some changes are made, but that the changes won’t negatively impact his organizations culture. His vision for his culture of the future is that pretty much of a clan as well in my opinion. He explains how he wants his employees to be happy while working together and that they are committed to each other and the vision of the company. He also wants to promote creativity among every aspect of his organization. This tells me that he would want a positive culture grounded on unity and creativeness. This type of culture has worked for him before and I believe that it will continue to produce the same results.

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Created by David Evans on Sep 15, 2016 12:29 PM

It would appear that currently the strongest culture within Purvis’ company is his Clan Culture, followed by a balance between Adhocracy, Market, and Hierarchy. Versus where Purvis wants it at to be more focused on market and adhocracy, it’s understandable that he wants to push his expansion and till keep his team as important, but in his goal to spread the popularity of the company Purvis would need to push toward the marketing of the products. Meanwhile in the aspect of manufacturing it is more focused on the marketing industry at the same time the values of the other three cultures drop at the same time in the US, the values for clan and market and hierarchy are similar while adhocracy is severely lowered from where it should be. Overall if anything from the cultures Purvis needs to take a similar approach in this market by adjusting the overall culture in the company into a more well rounded company in all cultures.


 Definition and Importance of Culture, as Well as Models and Types

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