Purtilo Doherty text and the Hondros college Handbook discussion English homework help

Reflect on the responsibilities of the ethical student as described in the Purtilo & Doherty text and the Hondros College Handbook. What is your own personal brand right now? Describe two qualities that you have as a student that you would like to carry into your professional brand and how you would demonstrate them.

Incorporate at least one piece of support from this week’s reading assignment(s), cited and referenced Using APA formatting.

  • Reference your sources at the bottom of your post.
  • This post must be 250-350 words. Neither the quotation, nor references count toward the word count.

reference to the book pages

 Purtilo, R. B. & Doherty, R. F. (2011). Ethical dimensions in the health professions (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders

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