project monitoring and control in traditional and agile scrum 1

This week you will complete software exercises to monitor and control traditional and Agile/Scrum projects. You will also present the results of your work in an MS Word essay formatted in APA style.

Part 1: Work through the Two-Machine Project Exercises 6 and 7. These exercises will show you how to set a baseline, update the project with actual progress, identify variances, and take corrective actions. Download the following Project Exercise documents.


The following link contains resources that will help you get started in Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project Training

Part 2: Use MS Excel to create and interpret a burndown chart used to monitor and control Agile/Scrum projects. The videos below will help you understand how to calculate and create burndown chart metrics.

When finished, use the Week 6 Assignment Template to present the project in an APA formatted manner with appropriate APA formatted figures etcetera.

Submit the following this week.

  • Your MS Project file at the end of Exercise 7 with your name in the filename (i.e., YourNameWeek6MSProject).
  • Your Excel file with the burndown chart calculations with your name in the filename (i.e., YourNameWeek6BurndownChart).
  • Your MS Word YourNameWeek6AssignmentTemplate file, (i.e., YourNameWeek6AssignmentTemplate).

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