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System Analysis and Design Project


The primary purpose of this case study is for Systems Analysis and Design Course. Students should be able to follow this realistic and fairly common case study of a small organization included in this document and conduct the planning, analysis, and design phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), using traditional approach. Deliverables would include process and data diagrams and modeling, and user interface designs, and this case study should require approximately 14-17 hours to complete, outside normal class time.

  • Project specifications

You must employ the following phases of the SAD methodology as described by your course: 1 scope definition

  • problem analysis
  • requirements analysis
  • Identification and analysis of candidate solutions 5 Recommended solution

6 Creation of context diagram & DFDs (current and Proposed) 7 Data Dictionary (sample for each template)

  • Input/output Design
  • installation and delivery
  • Selection of implementation methodology
    • Case Study

Please note that each student will also be responsible for creating a video presentation to summarise the various aspects of the project.

A few years ago, Ronald Montgomery founded Cultural Learning Experiences (CLE), Inc., a small firm in Chicago that organizes and plans educational trips for faculty and students seeking a unique learning experience abroad. At first, the company focused mainly on organising these educational experiences in France and Switzerland, but as the interest continued to grow, Ronald increased the scope of operations to include many other countries, including Spain, New Zealand, Germany, and others.

Ronald has the help of Isabella Aubel (office manager) and two other employees that help with the day-to-day office tasks. At the present time, the work processes are entirely manual for this organization. With the recent growth in the business, it has become quite challenging for the current workforce to manage all of this manually. Everything is rather disorganized, with many mistakes being made with the recording of important information regarding students and their scheduled classes and locations, for example. Such errors are adding to the existing inefficiencies, thereby creating a work. environment that is stressful and hectic. Even more importantly, customer needs are not being met and customer satisfaction is at an all-time low. It is, therefore, necessary to implement a database solution at the present time. It is important to note that while Ronald intends to eventually automate all business processes, including payroll and accounts payable, the more immediate concern is to make certain that efficiencies in data storage are improved. The database solution should include a user- friendly interface that allows for entry, modification, and deletion of data pertaining to students, teachers, and classes, for example. Additionally, the database solution should be designed to ensure consistency of data entry (formatting) and should include enhanced reporting capabilities. Such functionalities should be considered in order to resolve the problems the company is currently experiencing. The total amount available to fund this project is $65,000. It may be possible to expand this budget, if necessary, but the company is hoping that the project can be completed with the specified amount. The company currently has only two computers, both with the Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office Professional 2010 installed. The machine is currently being used for electronic mail communications and simple word processing and spreadsheet tasks. It will be necessary to purchase two additional machines for this office, as Ronald would like all of his employees to have access to the new database management system. Ronald is hoping that this database solution will be instrumental in improving customer relations and employee morale, as both are critical to the continued success and growth of his business. With an automated work process, Ronald knows that efficiencies within the organization will be dramatically improved.

Cultural Learning Experiences, Inc. is essentially the middleman between faculty and students & international opportunities to teach and learn. CLE organises educational trips/programmes for college students (to take) and college professors (to teach/lead) in the USA and across the world.

You have been hired to provide them a mean to keep track of the classes offered in destinations around the world, all of the students who sign up for a particular class, the professors who are teaching specific courses, etc. You have several goals that you want to accomplish with this database. First, you will need to keep track of all the

students –their studentID number, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. You will need to keep track of faculty members and their contact information as well.

As students register for classes and pay their registration fees, the owners of CLE want to be able to record this information directly in their database. An outside accounting firm handles all of the billing processes. CLE simply provides this firm with a physical copy of a report containing the information necessary for billing. (Your team is responsible for designing this report.) All payments are made directly to CLE. Beyond the recording of whether or not the registration fees have been paid, this system should not be concerned with accounting practices. The recording of all billing and payment details will be handled outside of the boundaries of this system. CLE also outsources the marketing function and provides reports on a regular basis to an outside marketing firm that seeks to inform potential faculty participants of the educational trips that are available through CLE and to increase awareness in general. You should design at least one report that would provide useful information to this marketing firm. (You may make assumptions here.)

CLE would like the database to be password protected. Beyond the creation of these reports, Ronald wants you to focus on making data-entry as easy and efficient as possible for her staff while simultaneously ensuring accuracy of the entries. An organised database, focusing on data-entry and reporting, is essential. (Your team will need to explore various options within Access that will allow for this).

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