professional association

In terms of networking and professional development (e.g., continuing education), one of the most effective ways to stay connected in our field is through membership in a professional association. For this assignment, research and find one professional association in the field of health care. For example, ACHE. However, you can look into your own interest that you are considering, such as IT, Compliance, Risk Management, Finance, Executive Administration, or Quality. Plus many more. If you don’t have an area of interest picked out yet, research one that seems interesting to you.

Once you find the professional association, research the following. Please remember APA formatting. Copy and paste = plagiarism.

  1. Name of Professional Association (include a link to the website)
  2. Mission of Professional Association
  3. Benefits to membership (resources, tools, continuing education, conferences, etc.)
  4. What initiatives is this professional association involved in to help strengthen the greater community?

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