Presantation Powerpint with the note Tom Wesselmann art design homework help


Your presentation should lastno less than 4 minutes and no more than 7 minutes. A presentation that is less than 3 minutes or more than 8 minutes will lose at least two letter grades. This is a sign of lack of organization and poor preparation. It is important that you practice your presentation out loud with a timer beforehand to make sure you have an appropriate amount of material.

Content/subject matter

In your presentation, you should discuss the following:

·  How does your artist represent the human body? What stereotypes does s/he follow or subvert?

·  How does the work of your artist relate to class readings/the theme for the day?


It is important that you budget time for gathering information and images, organizing, creating your Powerpoint and, most importantly, timing your presentation. You should begin work on your presentation at least one week in advance of the due date.

Knowledge of/familiarity with the material

You should have done your research and rehearsed your material so that you do not stumble through your presentation. You should NEVER read your powerpoint presentation. Your audience can read for themselves. Make sure you know how to pronounce the artist’s name and any other words that may be unfamiliar.

Use of Sources

You are to put source material in your own words. DO NOT read long quotes or use advanced vocabulary that is not your own. You will lose at least one letter grade for doing so.

Powerpoint presentation

  1. your powerpoint should coordinate with your oral presentation
  2. use the best quality images you can find
  3. your focus should always be on the images – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER read from your Powerpoint. THIS IS COMPLETELY BORING AND VISUALLY UNINTERESTING – YOU’RE AN ART MAJOR! Remove the text and provide us something interesting to look at while you give us information.

Material to be handed in on the day of your presentation

a type-written or computer-generated copy of your notes/presentation on 8.5×11 paper

– NOT on index cards

– NOT your powerpoint presentation

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