pre writing assignment microeconomics 2




Your paper has a good structure and your writing quality is well. It is great. The material that you covered, however, needs to be considerably changed and improved. You discussed several topics that are not related to the topic. For example, you discuss the value of fish as food, medicine, and the cultural matters. It is off the main topic and it takes about one page. Then you talk about factors such as breeding conditions, types of water, and navigation, climate, and coastlines. It takes another page. Then you get to the main topics. In your final draft, you need to delete the unrelated parts and stick to the main discussion. To improve it as a part of your final draft, I suggest you rewrite the paper and structure it based on the following: • Explain the fishing market and its importance in one paragraph • Then explain the market failure: fish is a common resource and over-fishing causes a welfare loss. Discuss the opportunity cost of over-fishing (if you fish too much now, you have less fish in the future) • Show on a graph how market failure leads to a deadweight loss • Discuss what is catch shares (your current paragraph on catch shares discusses something entirely unrelated) • On your graph show how catch shares eliminates the deadweight loss • end this part by telling what you think about the catch shares and its usage for the fishing market.

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