Power point slides

Hi Please here’s the requirements Power point slides Student Lecture Assignment You will act as the professor for your assigned topic (see below) and give a 30 minute lecture. These will be done through Zoom on Canvas on your scheduled date. The class will have already watched my lecture on the topic so you should provide explanations in a different way and use different examples while covering the exact same material. You should utilize a slide show of some sort with pictures, figures, movie clips, etc. If you like, you can use the whiteboard function in Zoom to draw or write on. You should be the expert of your topic. The only way to be an effective teacher is to really understand the material inside and out. With this in mind, learning and studying the material will be the biggest part of this assignment. Remember that you are responsible for educating your peers. Don’t take this task lightly. You want to provide correct information and explanations. Expect questions and be able to adjust your lecture to accommodate students that need different/more explanation on the fly. This isn’t just a typical “presentation”. You will be teaching your peers some very difficult material. Knowing the material and practicing your lecture will be key. In addition to the lecture you give, you will also be required to create 4 exam questions based on your lesson. Two of these should be essay type questions and 2 should be either true and false or fill in the blank type questions. You will also be responsible for sharing the answer you’d be looking for as a professor and how many points your questions are worth. This should be done in a word doc. Do not share these with your peers…. you never know if I may choose them for a test!!!Your slideshow will be submitted via Canvas, as well as your exam questions/answers and is due on the date of your lecture before class starts. This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade and you will be graded based on the following breakdown: Demonstrating knowledge of content (45%)
Organization and professionalism of lecture and slideshow (25%)
Length of lecture (30-35 minutes not including questions) (10%)
Quality of examples and employing different explanations than I gave (10%)
Ability to answer questions during lecture (5%)
The creation of your 4 exam questions and answers (5%)

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