Population-Based or Community-Based Nursing

Your initial post should be 2-3 paragraphs long and follow the requirements outlined in the discussion rubricStep 1:Chose one of the following specialties of nursing:Community Health NursingPublic Health NursingStep 2:Select either A or Bÿ discussion point below and respond to the prompt. SELECT ONE DISCUSSION POINT ONLY.A. Compare and contrast the chosen specialty (from step 1) to another specialty of nursing practice that you have studied. Chose at least 2 of the following points to discuss and support your views with scholarly evidence:Focus of nursing interventionsFamily and client relationshipsNursing autonomyScope of professional responsibilityNursing rolesB. Discuss how nurses working in your chosen specialty (from step 1) impact the health and wellness of vulnerable populationsGive a specific example from the news or the literature of nurses in the specialty impacting the lives of people in vulnerable populations. Select an example that occurred in the past 30 years.Example: providing triage or other services after Hurricane Katrina

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