please write an article critique that meets all of the below criteria

Note: I have attached the study guide as well as an article from the Online CSU Library. If you don’t think this article has enough info let me know and I can try to find a different one because it has to come from that site. Below is the citation information for the article.

Modi, J. A. (2005). Schniederjans, Marc J., Jamie L. Hamaker, Ashlyn M. Schniederjans. 2004. Information Technology Investment Decision Making Methodology. Interfaces, 35(6), 536+. Retrieved from


In this unit, you explored rational decision-making in investment decisions. For this assignment, you will delve deeper into this concept. To complete this assignment, use the CSU Online Library to select an article related to rational decision-making in investments. Then, summarize and critique the article by applying concepts you learned in the unit. In your critique, be sure to include the information below.

  • Explain how the rational decision-making process can be applied to investment strategies.
  • Identify investment strategies for long-term optimal growth.
  • Explain how fairness and ethics can be applied to investment decisions.

Your article critique must be at least three pages in length. You may use other sources besides your chosen article if necessary, but this is not required. Be sure to format your paper and cite and reference any sources used (including the article) in accordance with APA guidelines.

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