Please Prepare A Short Essay At Least 1 5 Page Double Spaced For Each Essay For

Please prepare a short essay, at least 1.5 page double spaced for each essay, for three of the following topics:2)Explain how the Fourth Amendment protects the rights of individuals from unreasonable searches at airport checkpoints and give an example of both a reasonable (lawful) search and an unreasonable search (unlawful). 3)Explain the rights of an individual to protection from unreasonable discrimination in employment and give three examples of employer actions that are unreasonable (unlawful) even if the employment is “At Will”. 4)Explain two types of Sexual Harassment, what liability an employer has with regard to Sexual Harassment by its employees, and how it can protect against claims. (25 points) Please use each of the following words/phrases correctly in a sentence: 1)Due process2)LOI, Letter of Investigation3)Immunity4)Civil fine5)SODA, Statement of Demonstrated Ability

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