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Please, I need this back within 12 hours.

Subject: Principles of Economics

An analytical report based on economic principles requires sound knowledge and understanding of economic principles and theories. In this task, you are required to identify and explain (with example and graph where applicable) the following economic topics, tools, theories and principles in terms of financial services industry:

a) Free market economy, market equilibrium, inflation, gross domestic product, and balance of payment

b) Demand, supply, price elasticity, monopoly and competition, scarcity and resource allocation, and opportunity cost.

c) Capital adequacy requirements

d) Valuation of assets

e) Payback period, accounting rate of return and net present value

f) Types of financial services and its products in Australian context

g) Roles of ASIC and APRA

h) Techniques and tools for evaluation and interpretation of research data

i) Economic and Political influence in financial services industry

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