PICO and Literature Search

Instructions:Write a PICO question based on a scenario you choose from the list of scenarios attached below.ÿÿUseÿtheÿtemplates in the EBP Step by Step 3 article toÿhelpÿcreate your questions. You may need to do a pre-search to finding an intervention (the “I”) that has been studied and published to solve the problem.Identify the PICO elements for each question.Develop a search strategy using at least 3 keywordsÿfrom the P, I, and O parts of your PICO, 1 synonymÿfor one of the keywords, and 1ÿMeSHÿtermÿfor one of your keywords.Locate 4 articles that help answerÿyour PICO question.ÿ The articles must meet the following requirements:must beÿprimary source quantitative research articles.No article can be published prior to 2016.Obtain pdfs of the four articles you selectedÿfrom theÿResUÿdatabase.ÿ They must show the full text of the entire article. If not available for theÿResUÿdatabase, you may request access from theÿResUÿLibrary, or you can email me the citation for the article, and I will attempt to locate a pdf of it.On a Word document, include your scenario; write your PICO questionÿas a sentence; identify the P, I, C, and O for each question; and list the search terms (3 keywords, 1 synonym, 1ÿMeSHÿterm)ÿfor each.ÿYou may use the template attached here. See also the link to the MeSH terms website below.Provide a properly formatted APA reference page for your selected articlesÿfrom Step 4 of these instructions. See the link to the APA and Writing LibGuide below.Name each documentÿ(one Word doc and 4 article pdfs)ÿas followsÿand upload to this submission folder:LastnameÿPICO,Lastnameÿarticle 1,Lastnameÿarticle 2,Lastnameÿarticle 3,Lastnameÿarticle 4Note: PICO questions are used by practicing nurses and researchers to focus research questions and develop an efficient literature search strategy.ÿÿIt is essential that future nurses learn how to do this to develop evidenced-based solutions to patient care problems in a healthcare organization.APA and Writing LibGuideLink to MeSH Terms Website

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