Performance Benefits and Concerns

Performance Benefits and Concerns

Conduct a brief literature review (at least 10 references) and highlight the performance-related benefits and concerns associated with WMA mixes produced using different technologies. Also, cite references and information related to sustainability- related benefits of using WMA (Warm Mix Asphalt) in asphalt pavements. Please make sure to provide a brief report about your literature review. Please follow a scientific paper format for this purpose.

Problem No. 3

a) Which specifications allow the highest amount of RAP and which don’t allow any RAP?

Note: every States Department of transportation (SDOT) have their own specifications, Could please find what state use the highest amount of RAP or RAS in asphalt. Two states are not using either of RAP or RAS which are Montana State, and South Dakota State. However, I need references for that. and for the problem 3 use up to Five references.

b) What technical considerations do you think should be applied before RAP can be allowed in the technical specifications?

c) What are the technical limitations for using RAP in different locations?

d) Do you think the high and low temperatures in summer and winter can play a role in allowing RAP in pavements? How?

Discuss your answers for all items.

e) Answer the items (a) to (d) separately for RAS (Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles) as well.

attached some references that may help with problem 3

Extra reference,…

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