Passing the FCAT writing assignment help

This id for week 6 discussion board. Need to reply a list 100 words.

I believe that actual self and ideal self are correlated together because if a person believes of themselves to be a certain way then their actions will follow what they believe. For instance, while I was in grade school I never passed the FCAT but I still considered myself to be a smart student and enrolled myself in honors level classes in high school and kept a high GPA. When the time came for me to either pass the FCAT or be in  jeopardy of graduating, I passed the test. 

The two can be different if someone believe that they are more than what they are at that point. I do believe that the distinction between the two is important and is describes how a person can be confident in themselves. The concept of self to personality and everyday life is very important because if a person don’t believe in themselves to be great everyday then they won’t. It is very important for a person to know themselves and more, I believe one should always have high expectations for themselves and not wait for someone else to believe in them before they do themselves.

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