Ooking At The Idea That Social Mobility Is On The Decline What Does That Make Am

  1. Looking at the idea that social mobility is on the decline, what does that make America, in terms of stratification? Is it more akin to a caste system? A system in which you are born into your social class, and there is nothing you can do to escape it? Is America a social class system? A system of stratification in which people can (though not guaranteed to) move out of the social class they were born into?

2. As far as the world over is concerned, there are definitely some occurrences that would shock a lot of people, child slavery was an excellent example. Here is another interesting phenomena for you: depression. Wealthier countries tend to have higher rates of depression than poorer countries. Why do you think that is? Shouldn’t more prosperous nations have less depression, yet, that does not seem to be the case. What do you think? What do you all think? Why are wealthier nations more depressed?

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