occasion where your group did not function properly writing homework help

Most likely, each of you has had a difficult experience working within some type of group. For your essay, you will have the opportunity to openly discuss the situation. Describe an occasion where your group did not function properly. Explain the situation, outlining the problem, number of persons in the group, who (including you) prevented or impeded the function, including specific behaviors leading to the breakdown. Was this due to groupthink or because of poor team formation and interaction (lack of understanding for the team dynamic)? Identify those blocking behaviors that led to a breakdown in the group dynamic. Finally, play the devil’s advocate: What team maintenance could have been performed in the midst of the project to prevent group breakdown?

You must use 3 to 5 sources to document the information you used to answer these questions. Your sources should be cited with in-text citations and an annotated MLA Works Cited. The assignment will be graded on four elements. For details, view the Grading Rubric. Your paper should include a minimum of four pages (not counting the Works Cited), and must be double spaced in Times New Roman 12 pt. font.

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