Nursing Standardized Simulation (Annie Laduke)

Student Instructions for Standardized Simulation NR 304 Annie LadukeSCENARIO OVERVIEW:Annie Laduke is a 32-year-old Native American female with no significant health history. This morning, she presented to her provider?s office with complaints of pain, increased redness, and warmth of the right lower leg in the calf area. She was directly admitted to the inpatient medical unit by her provider.? Health histories and physical assessments: a-Peripheral vascular system ? SIMCARE CENTER? activities: b-Focused assessmentPlease keep in mind you will also be required to recognize a variety of signs and symptoms linked to abnormalities in these skills.Question1. Based on what you?ve learned about the nursing process, describe one applicable nursing diagnosis, treatments, and nursing considerations for this diagnosis.2. What are some non-pharmacological measures that can be used for pain relief in care for this patient?3. Describe the components of a peripheral vascular nursing assessment.PLEASE USE APA FORMAT AND INLUDE REFERENCES LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD

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