Nursing Practitioner History and Beatitudes writing homework help

4 pages ApA format his assignment is an article about NP (Nurse Practitioner ) history and Beatitudes paper.  Virtue from Beatitudes in the bible, Matthew 5:1-16 has been woven in the history of APNs, and work of the organization called “Doctors Without Borders”.  Discuss how the history of APN and work of this organization reflects Beatitudes in the bible of Matthew 5:1-16. o You may choose one nursing scholar from the APN history or one person from Doctors Without Borders  Discuss how knowing about this would or should affect prospective APNs’ practice.  3-4 pages excluding references, Follow APA format. References : Web link (URL) Web link (URL) Web link (URL) Web link (URL) See Attached file for Rubric please . please consider This assignment will be checked by turn it in .Thanks .

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