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On a daily basis, we as nurses face ethical dilemmas in every area of practice. This impacts both we as nurses and the patients. It almost always boils down to spiritual or religious beliefs of both parties involved. As a nurse who works in critical care, we often see patients that involve the dilemma of quality of life left. For example the families that want you to full code 90 year old grandma and do all measures possible. As a nurse you understand the quality of life that is grandma will be left with but as a human who loves, you understand why it is difficult for the family. Studies should be done in this area and continued because we as a country are becoming more diverse in cultures and beliefs. Staff would have the family leave in the past but studies in this area have shown that allowing the family to be present during that process shows them a sense of reality. To see the traumatic measures there loved one is enduring during that process, helps them understand the depth of what is going on. Although, this is painful to see, it has been helpful to the family. Another example is patients who are brain dead and are sustaining a heartbeat and breathing on a vent. There are huge ethical dilemmas that both family and medical staff face regarding treatment. Technology is enabling sick people to survive serious illnesses. Yet recent studies indicate that people are surviving, yet not living well. Nurses have a role in implementing educational and clinical practices which address the issues that high tech care presents. There are not enough health care resources available in the world. The resources are unequally distributed. Nurses have a role in ensuring that distribution is fair. Research is what helps us along the way.

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