Nature vs Nurture writing assignment help

For this week’s discussion:

  • Discuss why this argument is too simplistic and reductionistic to reflect current knowledge.
  • Provide scholarly evidence to support your discussion incorporating ideas from this week’s readings as well as 2 outside peer reviewed journal articles.
  • Remember to use this discussion to demonstrate that you read and understand this week’s material by relating to and integrating what you are learning with social work knowledge, practice, values, and ethics.
Your Tasks:

Please submit one original post (400-500 words) and respond to at least one peer post (75-150 words). Cite the text when appropriate for the discussion prompt above. Cite at least two relevant peer-reviewed journal articles to achieve maximum points for this assignment. (Articles may be cited in either your initial posting or your responses to peers.) Be sure that you have addressed all parts of the required response.


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