multimedia presentation on gas laws states of matter chemistry homework help

Prepare a multi-media presentation to teach a fellow student more about the laws below. Your project will focus on three laws of your choice, so think about which ones you understood best. Choose three from this list:

  • Boyle’s Law

  • Charles’s Law

  • Gay-Lussac’s Law

  • Avogadro’s Law

  • Graham’s Law

The purpose of your presentation will be to explain how to apply these laws. Your target audience should be a fellow student who has some knowledge of chemistry, but needs additional help with these specific laws.

For each law that you explain, include the following:

  • History of law (maximum one slide)

  • The formula, and what the formula stands for (maximum one slide)

  • Example Problems: explain how to solve both problems clearly, step by step (use as many slides as you need to clearly illustrate your steps)

Each slide should include information as well as a visual aid (picture, video, animated gif, etc). Keep your slides informative but concise.

Use problems to illustrate these concepts. Make sure that you are only using your own words. If you use information from the internet or other sources for research, you must cite your sources. Using an online tool such as can help you create your works cited page. (Remember that we use APA in Science class.)






Worth: 40%

Presentation is easy to follow and informative.

Presentation communicates information, but viewer may struggle.

Presentation has too much text per slide.

Presentation has too little information and cannot stand alone.


Worth: 40%

Math is correct.

History is factually accurate.

Each variable in the formula is correctly identified.

Math includes some errors in computation.

There are some historical facts that are inaccurate.

Some variables are not correctly identified.

Math is not correct.

History is not correct.

Incorrect formulas were used.

Formula is incorrect or lacking variables.


Worth: 20%

Presentation includes a variety of appropriate visual aids.

Presentation only has one type of graphics.

Some graphics are inappropriate or irrelevant.

Presentation does not include graphics.

“Make sure to show your work and use the correct amount of significant figures. “

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