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Good Morning, It has been a long night. Most of my deadlines have to be met by tomorrow. My professor noticed I’m missing and entire section that I know we did.  It may have been mistakenly removed when we added the creative ideas. Here is the note: 

Hi Kina,

I looked at your final course project, and it is very well done!! However, it is missing slides on the Conceptual Framework (Knows, Implements and Believes) and its application to your project. Slide 1: Teachers Providing; Slide 2: The teachers will learn some common goals between (what?) – this is listed in the notes, but not on the slide; Slide 4: last bullet point – a mean all of the shared religious beliefs and practices is an unclear statement; Slide 10: eliminate (not illuminate); within; Slide 25: self-discipline  Refer to the rubric and to the announcements in the course. This is worth a lot of points, and I didn’t want to have to deduct that many points from your grade, so I allowed you another submission so you can add the Conceptual Framework to your PowerPoint. 

Again Tunacao I know the section was there before becuase you added it when you added the SCRIP section it was just not last night and I overlooked it. If I could make the changes  I would add it but I don’t have a way of making corrections. This is grace from my professor (and you). I will recommend you to everyone I can think of if you do this! I am down to negative 20 in my account so I can’t offer you any more money but I will rave about you to anyone who needs a tutor!

14 mins ago

  • Knows Christian values, moral dimensions and ethical implications synthesized with academic knowledge.
  • Implements skills as a gift from God because teaching/leadership is a calling from God.
  • Believes and practices personal integrity, social responsibility, sensitivity to the needs of others and the betterment of humanity.

This was the section and one sentence for each to explain how we address them. 

2 mins ago

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