Microsoft Excel Discussion Topic Response computer science homework help

When someone mentions Excel, most of us think about accounting, finance, math, statistics and graphs, and charts. However, there are some non-standard, unusual and innovative things that can be done with Excel and with other Office applications.

Part A: Describe a way in which you already use Excel either in your personal life or business. If you don’t use Excel at all, describe a way that you’d like to or plan to use it now that you have learned some of the advanced features. If you have used any of the features mentioned in Week 1 or Week 2 readings, please say how you are using these features in your daily or professional lives.

Part B:Search the Web and find an innovative way Excel is being used. Write a paragraph describing what is being done including the source of your information.
Your response:

Your response for each item (see sample below) is required to be at least 70 words or more. If your reply for each item is shorter than 70 words, you will lose points. You must say where you find your information. There are several innovative ways out there on the Web, so have fun.

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