MAT 3 You Can t Prove the Null by Not Rejecting It statistics homework help

You Can’t Prove the Null by Not Rejecting It” (Note: Please respond to one [1] of the following two [2] bulleted items)

  • Debate if “failing to reject the null” is the same as “accepting the null.” Support your position with examples of acceptance or rejection of the null. Next, give your opinion on whether or not a failed t test “proves” the null hypothesis. 
  • Take a position on this statement: In setting up a hypothesis test, the claim should always be written in the alternative hypothesis. Provide one (1) example to support your position.
  • Week 8 Internet Resources

    Resources from the Internet can be valuable supplementary resources for self-study. One of the most widely acclaimed resources is the “ Kahn Academy” which has a large library of short videos on math and other topics. The following is a list of Kahn Academy videos about topics covered in this week’s lessons. You may wish to explore this resource on your own, if you see fit.

    1. Click here to view the video titled Type I Errors.
    2. Click here to view the video titled Hypothesis Testing and P-values.
    3. Click here to view the video titled One-Tailed and Two-Tailed Tests.
    4. Click here to view the video titled Z-Statistic vs T-Statistics.
    5. Click here to view the video titled Large Sample Proportion Hypothesis Testing.

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