Marine pollution



Write a methodical paper to address the below using a maximum of 2,000 words. Use relevant references to support your position.
You have been hired as a consultant for a state that is party to the MARPOL Convention. The state is suffering from very limited pollution prevention legislation that is negatively affecting the condition and behavior of ships that call its ports. Shippers have recognized and exposed this gap which has created a high risk of oil pollution from inbound vessels. Many vessels have recently had various discharge events causing significant environmental damage to the coastline.

Explain and defend how effective implementation and enforcement of the MARPOL convention would reduce the probability and consequences of environmental damage.

What government stakeholders would need to take immediate corrective action to effect change, and how would you, as a consultant, prioritize the proper course of action?

Finally, how would you guide the state to adequately address this new regime with shipowners, considering the appropriate inspection of documentation, equipment, and overall management of waste onboard.


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